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In 2019-2020 I was teaching a short course all about Motion Graphics in After Effects. The whole department I was teaching into took a huge blow with COVID and shut down, never to return. Now I have all these classes that I created, just sitting on a google drive with no where to go. 

I have continued to teach into VE and Higher Ed into similar but not totally the same areas. So I thought, let's bring the classes to Skillshare. At least then they're out int the world and not just gathering metaphorical dust on a hard drive.

My mentality to teaching is how I got into this field in the first place - I was doing it because it was fun, I enjoyed the puzzles the projects created, at it wasn't until I got a job that I realised this was a career. So none of my teaching is (hopefully) going to be scary, daunting or overwhelming. The goal is to maintain that connection to the fun craft of animation. 

TikTok Hawt Tips

Check out some of my quick tutes on TikTok, I'm continuing to add more.

Hawt Tips
Online Courses

Online courses

Once upon a time I developed a series of classes as an introduction to After Effects and Motion Graphics. I ran it at RMIT for a few years until COVID came up and snuffed it all. So now I'm finally getting around to putting these classes together again as online offerings via Skillshare and Gumroad. 

These little gifs represent some of the class outcomes from the sessions.

If any take your fancy, you can click in to find out more.

Pins and Bones

My first ever online tute which, while it's not a mastery of editing by any means, it stills seems to be helping people so I thought I'd pop it up here too.

Pins and Bones

2.5D Box Animation

Step by step process on how to make this little guy below. 

Think of something witty - 2.5D cube animation
2.5D Text Box

Quick links

On TikTok you'll find my quick Hawt Tips
Here you can get involved in my online classes as they're developed
If you're not keen on signing up for ANOTHER heckin' subscription, you can do a once-off purchase on Gumroad of my classes.
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