Horrible Horris
aka Alyssa Smedley

I have embraced me first nickname, Horrible Horris, as my alias. The name was coined by my loving parents well before I was born, back when I was a dancy, bouncy little fetus, wiggling away to the Fine Young Cannibals and jumping at the sound of dustbin lids hitting the floor.

I am a founder, co-director and creative at Pirate Size Productions we're we work on creative content for kids, young people and families.

I also freelance as an animator, illustrator and designer.

A bit of backstory, focusing on fine art throughout my schooling years I plowed on through my fancy pants design/animation degree, with honors. I worked at a motion design studio called Jumbla in South Melbourne for almost three years. There, I worked my way up from Intern to Motion Designer, then on to become one of two Tutor/Lecturers in Jumbla Academy.

Always with a project or seven on the go, I love experimenting and making new things in all realms of art, design and craft. From crochet viking helmets, cardboard cat forts and teapot terrariums to infographic picture books, teeny tiny moles games and mini animated musicals about wearing your heart on your sleeve and your undies on the outside, you'll always find me making something.

If you would like to get in contact about a project or just want to say ahoy-hoy, drop me a line via email to alyssasmedley@gmail.com