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In June-July 2016, The boyf and I went touring around Europe, spending most of our time in Germany. On our first night, we stayed in a little AirBnB in Black Forrest. We stayed at the home of a lovely Couple, Dirk and Christina, with their two kids and their menagerie of animals. We had a great time, watching the soccer over a BBQ in the rain - it was more magical than it sounds.

I'd been talking to Christina about her work - she teaches young kids how to speak English. She has this little company, with a troll as a mascot that leads the charge. As we were leaving, she noticed the message and accompanying image I had drawn on her guest wall (By request, it wasn't vandalism!) and asked if I would all be able and interested to help do some illustrations for her Trolls. Her last illustrated had fallen unwell and she was looking for someone else to take the reigns.

So far I have illustrated but a few images. There are plans for many more down the track and hopefully one day an animation! Watch this space! Check out their website here: www.kinderleicht-englisch.de A sweet new one is on the way, much excitement ahead!!

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